Academic Society „Novi Beograd“ – College of Tourism, Belgrade is one of biggest and oldest cultural organisations on New Belgrade, established in 1974. In 2018 our „Novi Beograd“ celebrate 45th year or successful work with kids, youth and adult on protection, preservation and affirmation of tradition and cultural heritage of Serbia and Serbian people. Only in last few years our ensemble participated in different prestige festivals across Europe, in: France, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Slovenia, Slovakia, Turkey, Cyprus and many other countries. Our work is organised in 6 ensembles divided by age, Singers section and National orchestra, able to independently perform full-length program in different setup.

If you would like to find out more about us or establish cooperation, feel free to contact us: +381644191919 or

This is part of our international and traditional performance:

Dances from Vojvodina

Csiko`s dances from Backa region

Gypsy dances

Serbian dances from Gnjilane region

Dances from Nisava valley

Shop`s dances

Dances from Western Serbia

Serbian dances from Bosnia

Dances from Vranje